NVL Group, formerly known as Lürssen Defence, is an independent, privately owned group of renowned northern German shipyards and related companies. We work as a team to bring our knowledge and experience to each project, supporting you locally to fulfil your naval requirements. It is important to us to choose partners with similar values, and our relationships are built on trust.



NVL Group offers a wide range of state-of-the-art naval and coastguard vessels for every kind of mission.

We work closely with you to build ships locally and transfer our knowledge and technology to develop the shipbuilding infrastructure in your country.

Our mission at NVL Group is to ensure the operational readiness of your fleet, at all stages of each vessel’s life cycle. 


NVL Group understands the growing importance of the African continent’s geostrategic approaches in respect to natural resources and protecting the sovereignty, integrity, economy and wealth of the various African nations. We have a strong reputation and expertise in tailor-made concepts and solutions for the coastal and maritime security of African nations. 

We deliver high-quality, tailored and cost-effective naval vessels and coastguard vessels, to be build either at one of our NVL Group shipyards or in your country under knowledge and technology transfer agreements to develop the country’s maritime industry. In all cases, we focus on delivering technically advanced, state-of-the-art ships that meet your operational needs, all within your available budget. 

NVL Group also provides sustainability support for existing fleet structures in the form of upgrades, spare parts supply, training, and other services to maximise the operational readiness of your fleet.


If you have any questions or inquieries, please contact Arend Schulze. 

Arend Schulze
Regional Sales Director
Tel.: +233 531 673 186